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OC4J- Connections issues?. [message #393173] Fri, 20 March 2009 11:35
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I need some help with production issue.We use Oracle application server and oracle database. The ear is deployed in OC4j Container. Whenever we restart the oracle application server ,some of the functionalities in the web application doesn't work.and we restart it over and over again until all the functionalities work.When i say don't work the usual problems encountered are - login failed issues even when you enter correct username and password it just says login failed and this is same for all the users and we restart the OAS again and login would work but other functionalities like when searching for datas in the application would throw an arrow "not found".
And we bounce the server again both login and search would work but other functionalities like retrieving data for a particular customer number won't work.. We believe all these are caused by connections to the Oracle database.
So we keep bouncing the server over and over again till everything works right
I have looked into opmn/logs/ file it doesn't provide much clue It just says "loginfailedexception" or
nullpointerexception. We are using EJB both session and entity beans. Sometimes it throws JNDI exception "not found"
or javas.naming.exception : not found

or propertynot found exceptions.

After so many restarts all come back to normal.

This happens only when we have an outage and when we do a code promotion or restart the server for other reasons not related to web application.Once we restart even once the problems start showing up.

We use data-source.xml and connection pool , min-connections: 15 and max-connections: 160 are specified in data-sources.xml. The application works well in Test environment with no problems after OAS restarts. Only production has problems .. The reason could be there are plenty of users in production.
But once when you restart the Application server shouldn't all the connections be reset?.

<data-source class="com.evermind.sql.DriverManagerDataSource" location="jdbc/OracleCoreDS" password="keyvalues" username="software" url="jdbc:oracle:thin:@rpgdb:1521:prod" xa-location="jdbc/xa/OracleXADS" connection-driver="oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver" wait-timeout="400" max-connections="160" min-connections="15" inactivity-timeout="100" name="OracleDS" ejb-location="jdbc/OracleDS"><description>Datafield Connection</description></data-source>

we are unable to track down what causes this problem because the log doesn't provide any clue.

Is there a connection cache issue? EJB issue? .. But remember it works well in Test environment same Ear with no problems after OAS restarts.


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