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Oracle RAC DBA Online Training
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Introduction to Real Application Clusters

What is Cluster
Types of Cluster & Cluster products
Oracle Grid Infrastructure principles and Purpose
Differences between single instance database and RAC database

Oracle Clusterware Architecture

Global Resource Coordination in RAC
Cache Fusion & Data Coherency Concepts
RAC Background Processes & Daemons
Different Layers of RAC

Shared Storage Configuration for Grid Infrastructure Installation

Introduction to ASM and OCFS2 Cluster File system
Creating OCFS2 File system
Creating and Administering ASM Instances
Manage ASM instances and associated processes
Monitor ASM using the V$ASM dynamic performance views
Create and delete ASM disks & disk groups
Administering ASM Files, Directories
Use different client tools to access ASM files(asmcmd)
Describe the format of a fully qualified ASM filename
Explain how ASM files, directories and aliases are
created and managed

Grid Infrastructure Installation

Perform pre-install tasks for Grid Infrastructure
Install Grid Infrastructure & Verify
Real Application Clusters Database Installation
Install the Oracle database software
Create a cluster database
Perform post-database creation tasks

RAC Database Administration

Using Common Pfile and Spfile
Global Parameters & RAC-Specific Parameters
Database Creation in RAC
Managing Redo Logs
Managing Undo Table spaces
Using GV$ views

Administering Oracle Clusterware

Using Server Control Utility(SRVCTL)
Using Cluster Ready Services Control(CRSCTL)
Creating and Administering ACFS
Administer ASM Dynamic Volume Manager
Implement ASM Cluster File System
Manage ASM Cluster File System (ACFS)
Using command line tools to Manage ACFS

Services & Workload Management

Configure client-side,
Connect-time load balancing and connect-time failover
Configure server-side, connect-time load balancing
Use the Load Balancing Advisory (LBA)
Describe the benefits of Fast Application Notification (FAN)
Configure Transparent Application Failover (TAF)

Applying Patch and Clusterware Upgrade

CPU and PSU patches
In place and Out of place upgrades
Rolling Patching
Applying Opatch

Managing Backup and Recovery for RAC

OCR & Voting disk Backup & Restoration
Managing Backup and Recovery for RAC Database
Configure the RAC database to use Archive log mode and the flash recovery area
Recover from media failure and instance failures
Configure RMAN for the RAC environment

Converting Database from Non-RAC to RAC

Adding and Deleting Cluster nodes

Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware

Locate Oracle Clusterware log files
Gather all log files using diagcollection.pl
Enable resource debugging
Enable component-level debugging
Enable tracing for Java-based tools
Troubleshoot the Oracle Cluster Registry(OCR) file

RAC DB Monitoring and Tuning

Automated Workload Management (AWR)
Automatic Database Diagnostic Management (ADDM)
Determine RAC-specific tuning components
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