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How to read from file in PL/SQL [message #370282] Mon, 26 July 1999 10:11
m a sivan
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I have a script addpos in PL/sql

such that

procedure addpos( a in varchar2, b in vcarchar2, c in varchar2)


{ some validation for a,b,c }

insert into table_name {field_list) values (a,b,c)


now I want to call this procedure

execute addpos (valforA , valforB, valforC );

but I want to get these values from a file ???

for e.g I have a batch file <SOMENAME> which has contents

abc def xyz
aaa bbb ccc

I want a method from where I can execute this procedure

execute addpos('abc','def','xyz');
execute addpos('aaa','bbb','ccc'); in a batch run. means user will just fill in values in this file and say 'yes' and this will run the script. Hope I cleared my point.

IS there any way?

I dont want to use 'C'. Please let me know if it is possible with SQl Plus or Pl/SQL
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