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Re: MS SQL Server to Oracle [message #370249] Mon, 14 June 1999 04:05
Chris Hunt
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I've not used SQL Server, but I'll try and answer your questions...

1. CREATE PROCEDURE syntax seems completely different

I can well believe it. I think all the procedural stuff is outside the scope of the ANSI standard, which is why all the vendors have gone their own way.

2. MS data type DATETIME is actually Oracle DATE


3. MS function CONVERT different from Oracle CONVERT

I don't know what the MS function does, but the Oracle one is for converting between character sets. If you want to convert between data types, you need the TO_CHAR, TO_DATE and TO_NUMBER functions.

4. MS command DUMP TRANSACTION has no Oracle counterpart

Again, I don't know what the MS function does but it sounds a bit like the Oracle ROLLBACK command.

5. MS accepts VARCHAR inserts like 'they'+char(49)+'ve' but Oracle needs 'they''ve'

To concatenate strings together in Oracle, you use the || operator, thus: 'they'||CHR(49)||'ve'

6. MS supports bitwise ANDing (&) (in the WHERE clause for example)

I've written an oracle package for doing bitwise operations, you can download it (free) from my web site.



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