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Oracle Stored Procedures and Powerbuilder [message #369722] Fri, 25 August 2000 14:50
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I'm trying to call a stored procedure from a poewrbuilder window. The procedure is as follows:

create or replace procedure pes_proc_total_on_hand
( v_total out number)
select count(*)
into v_total
from pes.inventory_list,
where fitrep_status.ssn_mro = inventory_list.ssn_mro and
fitrep_status.from_date = inventory_list.from_date and
fitrep_status.to_date = inventory_list.to_date and
fitrep_status.occ = inventory_list.occ and
marine_report.ssn_mro = inventory_list.ssn_mro and
marine_report.from_date = inventory_list.from_date and
marine_report.to_date = inventory_list.to_date and
marine_report.occ = inventory_list.occ and
board_inventory.ssn (+)= inventory_list.ssn_mro and
inventory_list.full = 'Y';
end pes_proc_total_on_hand;

The powerbuilder call is as follows::

declare total_on_hand procedure for
pes_proc_total_on_hand() using sqlca;

execute total_on_hand;

i keep getting the same error:

ORA-6550: line 1 Column 41: PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol ")" when expecting one of the following ( - + mod not null other <an identifier> a double quoted delimiter.

Thanks in advance!
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